Joseph Shepler

Joseph Shepler

Domestic Detritus May 6-June 18,2016

Posey 32"x32"


The Post-Impressionists, Fauves, German Expressionists, cartoons and the human
condition, particularly the relationship between men and women, have long been a
major influence and interest. Virtually all my work incorporates the figure. For
me, the body existing in the quotidian environment, is the most difficult to deal
with both in form and content. It’s challenging, stimulating, and occasionally

There are problems to solve which I’m not sure of the outcome. The painting
shows the way. One brush stroke leads to another. The painting reveals the intent.
As to “meaning”, let the viewer sort it out and make the interpretation and
judgement. Trust the painting, not the artist.

I have a liberal arts education from Allegheny College (BA) and formal training in
painting from Carnegie Institute of Technology, now Carnegie Mellon University
and Cranbrook Academy of Art (MFA). Teaching at Illinois State University and
Chatham College, now Chatham University provided an opportunity to share my
knowledge with students embarking on their own journey of discovery.

My work has been widely exhibited and I have been fortunate to have received
several honors in regional and national competitions, with the latest at the Atlantic
Gallery, New York as part of a three-man show winning the 2015 Summer
Invitational: “Drawing the Art of Seeing”.