Sheryl Yeager

Curious Pigs

Curious Pigs

Quiet Giraffe

                                                                    Quiet Giraffe

About Sheryl


My name is Sheryl Yeager, I have Autism and have been making art for over 15 years.  As I child I came from a dysfunctional home life and was abused.  I struggled through my teens and twenties trying to find self worth.  When I was in my early thirties I was enlightened to take an art class at Western Pysch in Pittsburgh.  I found it gave great meaning to my life.  I worked in many different mediums until I found pastels.  They appealed to me because of their bright colors.  After practice, I gained control of the material.  Art for me has taken away the emotional pain of my childhood and allows me to cope with everyday stresses.

Art has allowed me to be one with God and nature, so I can express myself freely.  I make animals because they are not judgmental.  They are humble and meek.  I extract and enhance patterns and colors when I work.  I make eight or more paintings a week.  My marks are immediate and fresh.  I love the texture of the material and the control I have working with pastels.  Making art gives me purpose and self worth.  It keeps me happy, peaceful and calm.  Art is something I love.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed making them.


I like drawing animals and birds because they make me feel free and one with nature.  Animals are God’s beautiful, innocent creatures.  That is also why I love to paint nature; trees, flowers and anything with bright colors.  Through my art I am included and involved with beauty that God has made though nature on this earth.  Doing this makes me feel happy.  Art is so honest and inspiring, with color and shape delicate or strong and powerful; the eye of each beholder sees its own way.

It is difficult and challenging to live with Autism.  It is neat that I have the ability to express myself in my art.
The opening reception is on July 15, 6 to 9 pm.  Meet Sheryl, see her work, learn her story and be inspired!

Sheryl Article May 2016