Marlene Boyle

Pinched Clay Pots

a tribute to the work of Marlene Boyle

1949 – 2013

May 7 – June 17, 2017

Circles - Sawdust pit fired with copper

Circles – Sawdust pit fired with copper

Sage, Lavender, Fern - Sawdust pit fired

Sage, Lavender, Fern – Sawdust pit fired

Subtle Trees - Sawdust pit fired

Subtle Trees – Sawdust pit fired

The work for this show was produced in a time of personal sadness that made me long for my roots and connections to the past. Including calligraphic work was a natural and easy decision.

Listening to the daily news I am overwhelmed by the turmoil and insanity that surround us. In my opinion, we have a dysfunctional government; we are involved in a war (of choice) that was a mistaken idea that finds us in a disastrous reality; there are more frequent and more devastating natural disasters occurring due in part to our inability or unwillingness to address the issues of environmental degradation; and on and on. It is as if the entire universe is in upheaval. Broken things and loss, therefore, emerged as common themes in most of the words I was choosing to write. My calligraphic work on paper presents the voices of others that closely mimic my own in this regard.

Making intelligent, informed choices; living peacefully and lovingly with others; being good stewards of the environment are not ideas that can be imposed from without, but rather are processes and ideals that need to be taught and nurtured; they must radiate out from each of us to those with whom we are in contact daily. They are not bombs that can be dropped, but rather seeds that must be planted. The words I have chosen to write on the surface of many of the clay pieces in this show are subtle reminders, softly spoke words, holding the powers we all possess to affect change where we live. In the end, that may be all we can do; all that we are expected to do.

Marlene Boyle