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Finding pests in your home could put you in a panic mode, especially if the infestation is widespread. One will think that is a daunting task ahead. There are a lot of factors to consider if you find that you have a pest infestation. One has a choice of taking the task at hand or hiring a pest control company. When you decide to hire a pest control company the next difficult task is to choose the best one. How will you be able to find the right pest control company? The first thing to check is the pest control services they offer. It can give you a clue if the pest control company is right for you.

Pesticides or pest controls are used to regulate or manage pests that are found in our property. There are different kinds of pest control that you can use to free your property of insect or bugs. It is important to know about the types of pest control because it can help you decide on what pest control you will use for your property.

Biological Pest Control

Biological or natural pest control is the management of natural predators and parasites. The point of the natural pest control is to eliminate the pest without doing any harm to people and the environment. An example of natural pest control is elimination of breeding grounds. All you need to do is to follow proper waste management, remove containers that have still waters. This will eliminate the breeding ground for pests. Another way to control pest is to set up traps. This is mostly effective for rodents. The snap trap is the widely used trap for pests.

Organic Pest Control

Another pest control service that you can use is to use home remedies for your pests. It is great for people who want do-it-yourself pest control because of the safe and natural materials used to get rid of the pests. Some of the examples are the following:

Canola Oil and Liquid Bath Soap

Mix one tablespoon of Canola oil and a few drops of liquid bath soap to a quart of water. Shake the mixture well and pour in a spray bottle. Spray the affected areas of the plants. The oil will smother the pests that destroy your plants.

Hot Pepper Combine two tablespoons of hot pepper or cayenne pepper with three drops of liquid bath soap. Pour the mixture in a spray bottle then let it stand overnight. Spray to affected areas or where pests usually stay.

Mint Tea

Dry, crushed mint tea leaves can be a deterrent for ants. All you have to do is to leave a few tea bags on the area where the ants frequent.


Catnip is a regular deterrent for cockroaches. Simmer the catnip to make a catnip tea. Pour the tea on a spray bottle. Then spray around the area where cockroaches are found or staying most of the time.

Thai Lemon Grass

If mixture does not work for you, there are plants that are considered natural repellents of pests. The Thai lemon grass is popularly known as repellent for mosquitoes. It contains natural oil known as citronella. It is safe and effective to use.

Homemade Mothballs

You can use bay leaves, cinnamon sticks, eucalyptus and lavender to repel moths. You can put them in home made sachets and put them around the places where moths are usually staying.

Chemical Pest Control

Find the Right Pest Control ServicesThe problem of pests sometimes does not really disappear as fast as you want it to be so it is necessary to hire professional pest control companies to help you solve the problem of pests. Most ABC Pest Control offers a wide variety of pest control services that you can choose from. They do not only exterminate the pests but before they do that they make sure that they thoroughly surveyed your area. They will properly identify the pests that inhabit your home.

The pest control company will mostly use chemical pest controls. They will use pesticides or insecticides to get rid of the pests. They may also decide to use fumigation as part of their extermination services. When you are in doubt of the procedures that the pest company will use, you have to make sure that they will advice you on how harmful the pest control that they will need.

Finding pests in your property could at first look like a daunting task, but with many pest control services that you can use you will be able to solve the pest control in your home and property. You can choose from natural, organic or chemical pest control. If you are in doubt on what to do, you can also call a reputable pest control company that can help you identify the pest problem, choose a suitable pest control and do the extermination.

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