Organic Pest Control

Pests are really nasty. They infest to spread diseases or just for the purpose of annoying you. As of today, you can use various commercial pest control products to drive them away. However, it is much way better to use green pest control products for many good reasons. You can also perform green pest control methods.

Commercial pest control products use different chemicals and toxins which is the main ingredient to drive away unwanted pests. Yes, the components will definitely be effective but they pose risks not only to humans but to our environment as well. It can cause infections and rashes and the worst, it can kill animals and insects in vast numbers.

Why use commercial pest control products when we can use green pest organic control products? It is not only effective but it is also safe. One can use green pest control products or green pest control methods.

There are lots of do it yourself pest control products that are derived from organic materials. They are sold on health stores, department stores and pharmacies. You can even buy them on the internet. These products have the same efficacy to other commercial products. In addition to, it is safe to use because they do not contain harmful components that can destroy our environment in the long-term.

Let’s take the neem oil as an example. Neem oil is a vegetable oil derived from the fruits and seeds of an evergreen tree called neem (Azadirachta indica). It is widely used as a medicine, as well as in organic farming. It can also be used as a home insect repellant. It has the ability to repel wide variety of pests including mealy bugs, nematodes, caterpillars, honeybees, houseflies, snails, bedbugs, cockroaches, termites, sand flies, fungus gnats, beetles, and may more. Butterflies, birds, earthworms, and other beneficial insects are not affected by this oil. So, you don’t have to worry about them. In addition to, cedar oil is also an essential oil used as a pesticide. It is derived from the foliage, sometimes in wood and roots of various types of conifer and pine trees. It is used can kill wide variety of pests. Other essential oils include plant oils, rosemary, wintergreen, eugenol (clove oil), boric acid, diatomaceous earth and many more.

Organic Pest Control You can also use traps instead of foams and sprays. Traps are way better because it does not utilize harmful chemicals and toxins. It is a physical way of removing pests from your area. You just set the trap and wait for a victim. You can also use solar-powered repellants that are available in the market. It is proven to be safe and cost-effective.

Attracting beneficial insects is also one way of controlling pests in your garden. All you have to do is attract predators of the pests like lacewings, ladybugs, praying mantis, and many more. You can also attract birds by putting bird houses on trees. Raising chickens in gardens and farms is also a big contribution.

But if you can’t handle the pest anymore, you can always call pest control service companies for rescue. These companies are dedicated to serve you protecting you from different kinds of pest. They are insured and licensed. They have well-experienced and –trained personnel at your service. However, make sure that they offer green pest control service. Otherwise, you might end up making a mess in your place.

Western Pest Control Services offers services in a wide variety of pests including cockroaches, ticks, mosquitoes, snakes, bees, ants, and many more. They can even maintain your home pest free. You can also refer to ABC Pest Control. They offer home and commercial pest control services. They have offices in Atlanta, Greater Austin, Bryan/College Station, DFW Metroplex, Greater Houston, Orlando, San Antonio and Tampa.

Besides the greener methods mentioned here above, it is always better to make preventive measures. One of the methods in preventing pests from coming all over your place is by removing attractants and the most crucial is the food source which is next to moisture level.

Always keep your surroundings clean and green. Pick up pieces of woods because it can attract termites. Do not leave left-over or spilled foods in the kitchen because it can attract fruit flies, cockroaches, ants, and many more. Always cover stagnant water sources because it is mosquito’s favorite breeding places. Also don’t forget to cover trash bins outside your house because it might attract rodents and other nocturnal animals. You can do a lot.

Pest can be very annoying. They are always there. You can reach the point that you would do everything you want just to drive them away. However, always keep in mind that “everybody’s home”, which is our environment, is very vulnerable to chemicals and toxins. It is irreplaceable. So, better use green pest control products before it are too late.

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