Termite Treatment

Looking for effective elimination of termites and not sure of which to use? This is a national issue that requires professional management. In most cases to control termites requires knowledge of termites and their habits. This includes dry wood termites, damp wood termites and subterranean termites. It really depends on how bad the termite problem is in order to see if this something you want to try yourself. If the infestation is massive, then you will need a professional.

Anyone that hires a company to get rid of these pests should not only be competent in the extermination of termites exist, but also get rid of the eggs of termite infestation and issues near future. In most cases, termite treatment is not a DIY project. Here we will focus on the past three ways you can use to effectively eliminate termites.

Method # 1 – Treatment

During the construction of your home or building structure in question usually have the option of using treated wood. Now keep in mind that this is generally more expensive, but much can help alleviate the concerns of termite infestation problems. The wood is usually soaked in a chemical bath of borate is a common ingredient used to get rid of termites.

Method # 2 – Chemical Barrier

Most companies provide a range extermination plans chemical barrier. Basically, around an area with a set of chemicals that usually begins underground and works upward. The idea is that these chemicals deter termites build termite tubes and closer to home. There is also an option that allows the use of chemicals that are eaten by termites. They take this back to their nest and made basically a conduit to finish the rest of the colony.

Method # 3 – Camp

This method works on the fact that termites can survive only within a small window of temperatures. The technique used here is to put a tent over the house and then go up the internal heat to a temperature that termites can not exist in. This usually takes only half an hour to be effective.

These are believed to be the three main ways of effective termite treatment. The methods include the use of borate treated wood, creating a chemical barrier and bulging home. Each has its own advantages and drawbacks and you should discuss this option with a professional termite exterminator. But now you can have basic knowledge on the elimination of termites.

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