Ways to deal with the most common pests

Huge damage to garden crops is caused by the most common pests. On the threshold of spring, gardeners take measures to kill insects. Home remedies are effective in pest control.

Slugs spoil the crop

Garden snails are dangerous inhabitants of the garden. They eat strawberry flower petals.

To get rid of pests, it is necessary to carry out the following activities:

  1. Mowing grass, because slugs live in damp and dark places.
  2. Keep the garden clean, remove boards, stones, plastic.
  3. In the aisles, it is necessary to pour sawdust, gravel. Slugs hardly move on dry soil.
  4. Treat the plants with the infusion of garlic. 100 g of finely chopped cloves pour 1 liter of hot water, insist 24 hours. Bred in a ratio of 1:20.

The danger of scale insects

In spring, the pest larvae are located on branches, tree trunks, stick to the bark and begin independent existence. Summer residents in April brush the bark from tree trunks and shrubs. Waste is collected and burned.

When treating currants and gooseberries, diseased branches are removed if white lumps in the form of cotton wool are seen on them. Bushes are doused with hot water, they destroy aphid larvae, powdery mildew bodies.

Scabies on bushes of currant and gooseberry appear during their flowering.

Summer residents treat the currant bushes with Decis before starting fruiting. In July and August, shoots are washed with kerosene-soap composition. After 8 days, the treatment is repeated.

Colorado beetle

Insects love eggplant seedlings. Gardeners seek to protect plants from pests.

To combat the Colorado potato beetle, they use needles. After the New Year holidays, they collect needles and store until the summer.

Take 2 kg of raw material, soaked in a bucket of water. The composition is insisted 7 days, stirring daily. Before processing, it is diluted in a proportion of 1:10, adding 30 g of liquid soap.

The procedure is repeated after heavy rainfall. Beetles do not sit on eggplants, they smell unpleasant needles.

Harm aphids

Insects are very small, multiply rapidly. The most common species: red-headed, green.

The following agents are used to kill aphids during budding:

  • Sumition 50% in the form of an emulsion in an amount of 16 ml;
  • Fufanon 570 g / l in a dose of 10 ml, diluted in a bucket of water.

To kill insects during the budding period, home remedies are used:

  • a decoction of chamomile;
  • dandelion infusion;
  • yarrow herb and tansy;
  • infusion of tops of tomatoes, garlic.

Often, gardeners use liquid laundry soap in an amount of 200 g per bucket of water.

Some insects eat aphids. These include the larvae of the fly-fly, ladybugs.

Colony of ants

Pests cause great damage to garden crops, because they feed on aphid juice and carry it over long distances.

Gardeners use effective methods of combating ants. Pests cannot tolerate garlic, especially the smell of its leaves. Prepare a strong infusion. Take 2 liters of warm liquid, add the crushed head of garlic, insist for several hours and spray plants affected by aphids.

If the pest lives on shrubs, it is necessary to moisten strips of old fabric in the infusion and wrap its trunk. Ants will not be able to eat leaves covered with aphids. Insects do not carry the smell of the following plants: bitter wormwood, tansy, peppermint, anise. Gardeners place their leaves in places where a large number of insects live. Ants leave the garden, finding suitable habitats.

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